eTAP User's Guide

Getting Started

  1. Sign in. All lesson material, tests, records and resources require user authorization. The sign-in page is located at, or the link may be found at the top of eTAP's main page.
    eTAP signin page
  2. Choose the subject you want from the menu at the top of the page.
    eTAP subject menu
  3. Choose your grade level from the menu at the left.
    eTAP grade menu
  4. Select a lesson from the table of the contents in the main page area.
    eTAP TOC

Lesson Layout

  • Each lesson begins with a Lesson Preview, which summarzies the lesson and states the lesson objectives.
    lesson preview
  • The left-hand menu for a lesson contains a Practice Test, which a you can use to gauge how prepared you are for that lesson. This menu can also be used to navigate within the lesson or return to the table of contents.
  • To proceed to the lesson material, use either the link in the left-hand menu, or the link at the bottom of the Lesson Preview.
  • Each page of the lesson material has a menu at the top, that will allow you to move between lesson topics. Additionally, a link at the bottom allows you to move to the next topic.
  • Also that the top of each lesson is an area for the Pre and Post tests. Practice tests are located at the bottom of the lesson as 'Practice Exercises'.

Using an eTAP Lesson

  1. When you have selected the lesson and topic to work on, the first step is to take the Pre-test. This give you an idea of what parts of the material to focus on.
  2. After taking the Pre-test, it's time for the lesson. Generally, this will mean reading the text, but each lesson includes links to alternative resources (videos, games, reference sites) that can be used to supplement the written lesson.
  3. Many lessons also include worksheets for practicing what you've learned.
  4. Next comes the Practice Exercises, as a last check before the Post Test.
  5. When you're ready, take the Post Test. If you do not get all the questions right, review the lesson again and re-take the test. There are no limits to the number of times each test may be taken.
  6. Finally, after successfully completing the Post Test, the test result can be printed out for record keeping, and you're ready for the next topic!

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