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Helen M. Pacheco, an experienced professional educator selects eTAP for homeschooling her own children.
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For many families, Homeschooling is the clear choice for educating their children. Yet, many are challenged with how to best educate their children of different grades and styles of learning.

Every day, Homeschool Families, like yours, are selecting the eTAP Teaching Assistance Program as the perfect solution for their K-12 Curriculum needs. Why? Because our quality K-12 curriculum is clearly superior to other programs, and provides:

But please don’t take our word for it! We encourage you to read the numerous Success Stories from parents just like you. Or simply try it for yourself with our FREE TRIAL! And, not just a single lesson that may not be appropriate for your student, but full access for all of your children for 15 days.


How do we find out the homeschool laws for our state?

Home School Legal Defense Association provides a comprehensive list of State Homeschool Laws. Or search on Google for "Homeschooling (your state)." This will connect you with local home school information and support groups that list your state's requirements.

Comprehensive- eTAP provides a full K-12 Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science curriculum, as well as Test Preparation for the GED, SAT, ACT, ASVAB, a variety of states’ High School Exit Exams, and much more. And all consolidated on our easy-to-use eTAP website! Your membership to eTAP includes access for your diverse family, including children in multiple grade levels, instruction in all major subjects, and reinforcement with test prep for one very affordable price. 

Complete Curriculum or Supplemental Resource – Parents can use eTAP as their complete instructional program or as a supplement to other programs that they are using. Homeschool parents easily provide supervision of their children's education using content resources from eTAP. Other homeschoolers enroll in local charter or public schools with independent study programs. Some of these schools will pay for eTAP membership fees. Please visit our FAQs for answers to many common Homeschooling questions.

Quality Content – Lessons combine text and assessments along with other relevant videos and online learning resources to better accommodate audio/visual learners and maximize learning for students with different learning styles. Content is presented in an easy-to-read, functional format. Vocabulary is age appropriate. No additional books are needed. Alignment to National, California, New York and Texas State Standards are provided. Back to Top . . .

Proven Success – Research shows that most students' first choice of activity is the internet. Pair that finding with John Dewey's research showing that the most effective education is when the student is actively involved in their learning process. eTAP allows your students to choose their learning resources and proceed at their own learning pace, hence actively learning, and retaining more. In school testing, the eTAP program has greatly increased achievement of students experiencing difficulty with traditional school programs.

Self-Paced Instruction – Each lesson provides a general guideline for time needed, yet your children will each develop mastery at their own speed. Or they may grasp understanding in a Science lesson faster than a History unit. eTAP allows for a non-threatening pace for individuals needing more time and practice where ever necessary. Conversely, motivated students may accelerate coursework, and advance units, lessons, and even grade levels as quickly as mastery is achieved. 

User-Friendly Interface – Students of all ages and all levels of computer knowledge, experience a userfriendly and intuitive navigation and user interface. eTAP is entirely web-based and available for use on your desktop or a wide range of mobile devices. There is never software to install or learn. Back to Top . . .

Documented High School Completion– Students who complete the eTAP high school curriculum have several options for receiving a diploma:

  • After completing high school courses, the student can complete the GED for a fee of about $200 from ACE | GED Testing Service - Official Web Site for GED Testing,
  • Student may complete their last year of High School study with TLCI and receive an accredited High School Diploma. TLCI uses eTAP content and will also provide counseling, tutoring, transcript for a cost of $995. For more information, see TLCI, The Learning Community International,
  • Upon review of completed courses, receive a diploma from Pacific International Academy at a cost of $399,
  • Enroll in a public, private, charter or umbrella school that will provide their Diploma.
  • And, eTAP is currently developing a test reporting system that will allow us to provide students a transcript and HS diploma. Stay tuned for further information on this upgrade. 

Affordable Membership Options – eTAP is dedicated to providing premier quality at the best possible price. Each eTAP membership includes access to all content areas and all grades K-12, so a single subscription is good for your entire family. Options include our standard Annual Membership, which may be paid in a single payment or easy monthly installments of $39 per month. Shorter 6-month and 3-month memberships are also available. Back to Top . . .

eTAP, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) and, as a non-profit, provides free or reduced memberships for those with incomes below the federal poverty level guidelines. Please email requests for financial assistance to

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