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ACT Mathematics Test
60 items, 60 minutes
Content Area % of Test Number of Items
Elementary Algebra
Intermediate Algebra
Coordinate Geometry
Plane Geometry

This table provides a list of each exam topic with sample questions and answers.
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ACT Topics eTAP Lessons Correlation Post-Test
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Pre-Algebra (23% of the test, 14 questions) (top)

Q&A Basic operations using whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and integers Integers and the Number Line
Adding and Subtracting Integers
Inequalities and the Number Line
Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers
Dividing Rational Numbers
Subtracting Integers

Integers and Addition

Q&A Place value The Place Value System Bison (Place Value) Q&A
Q&A Square roots and approximations Raising Numbers to Various  Powers, Roots Roots and Rational Numbers Q&A
Q&A Exponents The Rules of Exponents Using Positive Exponents Q&A
Q&A Scientific notation Scientific Notation Using Positive Exponents Q&A
Q&A Factors Factoring Factoring II Q&A
Q&A Ratio, proportion, and percent

Ratios and Proportions

Ratios and Proportions Q&A
Q&A Linear equations in one variable Linear Equations
Solving Rational Equations
Properties of Exponents Q&A
Q&A Absolute value and ordering numbers by value

Absolute Value
Compare and Order Whole Numbers
Compare and Order

Math Mastery: Equations Q&A
Q&A Elementary counting techniques and simple probability Probability Probability Q&A
Q&A Data collection, representation, and interpretation

Data Display Analysis

Data Collection Q&A
Q&A Simple descriptive statistics Statistics and Probability Statistics Q&A
  Elementary Algebra (17% of the test, 10 questions) (top)
Q&A Exponents and square roots

The Rules of Exponents
Raising Numbers to Various  Powers

Using Positive Exponents Q&A
Q&A Evaluation of algebraic expressions Variables and Expressions Algebra Q&A
Q&A Using variables to express functional relationships Functions Functions Q&A
Q&A Understanding algebraic operations Integers and the Number Line
Adding and Subtracting Integers,
Inequalities and the Number Line
Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers
Dividing Rational Numbers
Algebra Q&A
Q&A Solving quadratic equations by factoring Factoring Quadratics Factoring II Q&A
  Intermediate Algebra (15% of the test, 9 questions) (top)
Q&A Quadratic formula Quadratic Formula The Quadratic Formula Q&A
Q&A Rational and radical expressions

Adding and Subtracting Radical ExpressionsWorking with Rational Expressions - Part I Working with Rational Expressions - Part II

Rational Number Concepts Q&A
Q&A Absolute value equations and inequalities Solving Equations with Absolute Value Equations Q&A
Q&A Sequences and patterns Arithmetic and Geometric Series Introduction to Sequences Q&A
Q&A Systems of equations Systems of Equations Solving Systems Q&A
Q&A Quadratic inequalities Quadratics   Q&A
Q&A Functions

Equations of Lines
Intersections of Lines
Number Relations

Functions Q&A
Q&A Modeling     Q&A
Q&A Matrices Matrices Concepts in Advanced Algebra Q&A
Q&A Roots of polynomials Monomials and Polynomials   Q&A
Q&A Complex numbers Complex Numbers Concepts in Number Theory Q&A
  Coordinate Geometry(15% of the test, 9 questions) (top)
Q&A Graphing and the relations between equations and graphs including points, lines, polynomials, circles, and other curves Graph Functions Graphing Functions Q&A
Q&A Graphing inequalities Graphing Inequalities in Two Variables Using Graphs Q&A
Q&A Slope Linear Equations Slope of a Line Q&A
Q&A Parallel and perpendicular lines  Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Learn Your Lines Q&A
Q&A Distance   Q&A
Q&A Midpoints Midpoint of a Line Segment Concepts in Geometry and Measurement: Coordinate Geometry Q&A
Q&A Conics Physical Properties of Conic Sections Q&A
  Plane Geometry (23% of the test, 14 questions) (top)
Q&A Plane figures, including angles and relations among perpendicular and parallel lines Lines and Angles Angles 101 Q&A
Q&A Properties of circles, triangles, rectangles, parallelograms, and trapezoids Circles
Circles Q&A
Q&A Transformations Transformations   Q&A
Q&A Proof Geometric Proof   Q&A
Q&A Volume Volume Area and Volume Q&A
  Trigonometry (7% of the test, 4 questions) (top)
Q&A Trigonometric relations in right triangles Sine and Cosine Functions - Part I
Sine and Cosine Functions - Part II
Q&A Values and properties of trigonometric functions Sine and Cosine Functions - Part I
Sine and Cosine Functions - Part II
Other Trigonometric Functions
Trigonometric Functions Q&A
Q&A Graphing trigonometric functions Graphing Trigonometric Functions Q&A
Q&A Modeling using trigonometric functions   Q&A
Q&A Use of trigonometric identities   Q&A
Q&A Solving trigonometric equations   Q&A