About eTAP

eTAP is a non-profit education corp., whose purpose is to provide K-12 curriculum for the core subjects of Mathematics, English, Science, and History on the world wide Internet. Our instructional material is designed to assist students, teachers and parents. The Lessons can be used for students’ instruction and for parents and teachers as an aid to help their children and students.


Ten Reasons to Use eTAP
  1. Quality content coverage in four subject areas (K-12) with coordinating web site resources. One-stop shopping!
  2. Helps meet “No Child Left Behind” by providing content correlated to specific state standards and objectives.
  3. Valid, focused assessments provided with each lesson.
  4. Great for at-home use to correlate with and supplement class topics.
  5. Content is presented in easy-to-read, functional format. Vocabulary is age-appropriate.
  6. Lessons provide an excellent overview and relevant examples for each topic.
  7. Navigation is provided in efficient, user-friendly format. Three clicks and you’re presented with your choice of subject, grade level, and lesson.
  8. Printable versions allow you to make books for each subject.
  9. Highly affordable for individual or school use. Minimal charge per student.
  10. eTAP makes learning fun – and a challenge. Students self-manage their own learning.

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e-TAP Inc - a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation


How can you improve the TEST SCORES of ALL your STUDENTS??
Have your students use eTAP supplemental instructional resources from school or home.

How to use eTAP in your School?

After you have presented your instruction, you can use assess the student’s understanding. Underperforming students can be assigned supplemental schoolwork and homework with eTAP. You can provide individualized instruction by selecting content from legacy.etap.org  including instruction, work sheets, practice exercise, links, video resources that meet the students needs.

Special Education
You now have the resource to easily give each student the instructional resource that fits their needs. With eTAP Practice Exercises, you can assess the student’s skill level. Next you can give the student the choice of resource that fits their learning style. The resources available include instruction with “how to” examples, links to interactive websites and United Streaming video. Also, all the grade levels and core subjects are available online at the school or home.

After School
eTAP online resources can help you meet the challenge of helping each student. You can provide exciting and engaging resource help that fits your student’s needs. Included are all the core subjects aligned with the state standards.
With eTAP Practice Exercises, you can assess the student’s skill level. Next you can give the student the choice of resource, that fits their learning style, including Instruction with “how to” examples, links to interactive websites and United Streaming video. Also, you have access to all the grade levels and everything is available online for easy access at school or at home.

New Teacher Assistance Guide
As you may know, the retention rate of new teachers is low. One reason is the difficulty new teachers find in preparing instructional materials. eTAP resources include the four core subjects and are aligned with the state standards. eTAP resources are all printable and can provide instructional handouts, work sheets, practice exercises, links to interactive educational games and United Streaming video. All eTAP resources are online and available at legacy.etap.org 

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How can you improve the TEST SCORES ?
Have your students use eTAP Exam Prep from school or home.

What do your receive with a subscription to eTAP?
K-12 for four core subjects of MATH, ENGLISH, SCIENCE and HISTORY.
EXAM PREP for High School Exit Exam, SAT, GED, etc.




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How much does eTAP resource cost?
Cost for annual subscription varies with the number of students.

$89/6 mo. each for individual up to 10
$60 each for 10 – 50 students
$4,000 for 100 students ($40 per student)
$6,000 for 300 students ($20 per student)
$10,000 for 1,000 students ($10 per student)


How do we contact eTAP?
Please call Blaise Subbiondo at 949-497-2200 or email: bsubbiondo@cox.net
Please click on the link below to demo eTAP HSEE prep program provided by eTAP.



e-TAP Inc - a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation

CLRN (California Learning Resource Network) is a state educational technology service from the California Department of Education, which has been around since about 2001 ( http://www.clrn.org ).

Supplemental electronic learning resources need to be submitted to them for review. They indicate whether the content submitted is in compliance with state standards, meets Legal Compliance and passes minimum requirements established by the State Board of Education. Content that is in compliance qualifies for Federal and state funding for supplemental material and can be used by school districts .

Since our curriculum has been successfully reviewed by CLRN then we are qualified for funding by the federal government, and by No Child Left Behind as supplemental material.


8th Grade History 3523 History Internet 07/22/2003 07/29/2003 View Review
Geometry 3781 Math Internet 01/12/2004 01/19/2004 View Review
High School Prep Math 95 Math Internet 03/20/2002 03/27/2002 View Review
High School Science 3117 Science Internet 05/20/2003 05/27/2003 View Review
K-12 English/Language Arts 3116 English Internet 03/24/2003 03/31/2003 View Review
Mathematics K-12 3089 Math Internet 04/23/2003 04/30/2003 View Review
Mathematics K-7 3593 Math Internet 06/13/2003 06/20/2003 View Review
Science Grades 4-8 5051 Science Internet 06/20/2006 06/27/2006 View Review
Statistics 5060 Math Internet 01/20/2006 01/27/2006 View Review

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e-TAP Inc - a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation

List of Schools Subscribing to

Golden Valley School, Canyon Country, CA

Roseville Joint Union High School District, Roseville, CA

Bret Harte Union High School District, Angeles Camp, CA

Heritage Academy, Escondido, CA

Indian Hills High School, Las Virgenes, CA

Los Angeles Unified School District, CA
Boyle Heights High School
Duke Ellington High School
Eagle Tree High School
Leonis High School
John Hope High School
McAlister High School
Will Rogers High School
Zane Gray High School
Del Rey High School
Independence High School
George Patton High School
Ramona High School
Thoreau High School
Earhart High School
Whitney Young High School
Washington Prep High School
Wooden High School
Owensmouth High School
Cal Burke High School
Avalon High School
Lewis High School
Mission High School
Jack London High School
Kirk Douglas High School
Moneta High School

Tuscarora School District, Mercersburg, PA

Franklin Area School District, Franklin, PA

The Learning Lamp, After School Tutoring, Johnstown, PA


eTAP technology and business partners

Northeast Micro
Campus Point Learning, LLC
The Academic Home, LLC
Genee World US

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Homeschoolers | Teachers | Students


Grades K, 2, 7 homeschool:

Jacksonville, FL

"I'm amazed at all the information. eTAP has answered my prayers. It's not only affordable, but for my needs with 3 kids everything is literally at my fingertips."

Ann Zeise, A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling: “High School Prep Math, Especially for the audio learner or a student with poor eyesight (reading ability), this pre-algebra course has written and streaming audio lessons, practice sheets and quizzes. Moves fast, so good for a review as well."

Grade: 10, Original Study, Home schooling,

Bennett, CO

 This is a marvelous idea. What a help!! I wish I had known about this a LONG time ago. I am going to tell everyone I know about this wonderful site.
Grade: 6, Original Study, Review, Home schooling

Charlotte, NC

“Fantastic! This is a God-send! I am beginning Home schooling and have a child with learning "disabilities". There is no way I can adequately express my gratitude! I will let you know how my son does with the program. In the meantime, I am thrilled to have everything he needs to know this year right at our fingertips. The material is thorough, easy to follow, interesting and straight-forward. I think we'll actually have fun with math!”
Grades: 5/6, Original Study, Review, Home schooling

Alpine, UT

 “Thank you very much for this site. I've read midway through lesson 2 and have found it to be very interesting and well presented. It has given me some new ideas for the presentation of math to my child including the integration of other materials I have recently purchased. God bless you in your endeavors”.
Grade(s): 7, 10, Original Study, Home schooling

Syracuse, NY

"This is an awesome concept. We just heard about it at our home school convention and we will use this often. Who needs to spend a million on curriculum with this! The Math worked for me in every area I checked. "


“This looks marvelous. My grandson has an autoimmune disease and I am home-schooling him. I used to teach school but this is going to help me so much. Thank you for this. You are wonderful. “


Teacher,  Independent study

Brisbane, AU

“Fantastic site. Very informative and user friendly. Definitely one of the best sites I've found in 2 years of searching. I will be a regular visitor. Keep up the good work.”
Grades: K-12 Original Study, Review, Independent study

Dunedin, FL

“I have only browsed through the site. I am responsible for the curriculum at Anchor Academy. I will recommend this site for students who may need refresher or remedial help.”

Grade(s): K-12, Number of Students: 20, Original Study, Test Preparation, Independent Study Setting, Classroom Instruction

El Centro, CA

“This is a great website and gives a lot of information. I was amazed at the printer-friendly versions. I have visited other websites with lesson plans and helpers for the classroom but I've never seen something as complete. Keep it going!! Please!!”
Grades: 6-12, Independent study, Class room instruction

Bronx, NYC

“This is a most interesting and easy to use site.”

Teacher, grade 4th, Class room instruction

Cordova, SC

“Great place for my students to study and learn.”

Teacher, High School

Oceanside, CA

"eTAP has provided me with excellent supplement materials for the science and math courses that I teach. I also use eTAP as a tutorial for students by distributing the url at the start of a semester and recommending students to access this site if they have trouble understanding certain concepts. I appreciate your services. Thank you, Kelly Gaughan, Futures High School"
Teacher, High School

San Bernardino , CA

"I have used eTAP for preparation of students in the field of science. We used the NY Regency Exam as well as TX in sample questions for preparing our students for CA state testing and now for exit exams. Thomas Quinn, Library Media Teacher"
Teacher, High School

Pomona, CA

"At the present time I am using it to design test questions and lesson plans. I intend to have my students use your site a lecture note resource. Patricia Noonan, Science Teacher"
Teacher, Independent Study

El Centro, CA

"This is a great website and gives a lot of information. I was amazed at the printer-friendly versions. I have visited other websites with lesson plans and helpers for the classroom but I've never seen something as complete. Keep it going! please!”

Dunedin, FL

"I am responsible for the curriculum at Anchor Academy. I will recommend this site for students who may need refresher or remedial help."
Teacher, Grade 10


“This site has wonderful potential for all educators and students. I am eager to use it for review of basic mathematics for my son and for supplemental instruction in high school level math concepts.”
Grade(s): 7, Original Study, Review, Independent study Albuquerque, NM

 “I think this is the best website I've been to help me in math. I had C's on my entire test in math because I didn't now my fractions no one could explain them but you.”

College Student

Miami, Fl

“This is a very helpful site I rank it one of the best, most clear and understandable sites, especially when dealing with quadratic equations. Keep this site going, please, it’s needed. The quadratic equations explanation I rate very high. I’m impressed.”

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Mission Statement

eTAP (electronic Teaching Assistance Program) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation. eTAP’s mission is to provide K-12 instruction that will be a complete curriculum using the latest education technology. All material will be provided on the world wide Internet. Curriculum text can be printed from the Internet and includes Lesson Plans (Preview), Instruction with example and Practice Exercises, Problems, and Tests which will be questions usually used in standardized tests such as the SAT, state high school exit exam etc. Currently, all eTAP instruction is accessible on the world wide Internet at the most affordable cost.

  • To assist teachers and parents in meeting the individual needs of their children. 
  • To improve the performance of students to compete in the global knowledge economy. 
  • To give all students individual assistance to meet their full potential achievement. 

To provide instructional material for the following programs:

  • Home Study education
  • Individual student instruction.
  • Student preparation for standardized tests.
  • Basic technical education for students’ success in the knowledge economy. 

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The K-12 curriculum in Mathematics and English is completed. Also High School Science and 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th grade American History is available. Both K-12 History and Science are being completed.

The web site has a Table of Contents for locating the grade level,  subject and topic.

When you find the topic you desire, then you would be able to CLICK on one of the following: Lesson Previews (Plan), Instruction, Practice Exercise, Problems, and Tests (problems from standardized tests).

Below are comments on each.
Lesson preview (Plan)
: Format similar to commonly used lesson plans including objectives.

Instruction: The focus is to provide basic instruction as a simplification of the information found in textbooks on the topic and similar to the instruction usually provided by the teacher. Practical examples are used. Audio is provided for text material in middle school Mathematics to improve learning.

Worksheets and/or Practice Exercises are provided for each topic. This starts with the simplest and proceeds in steps to the more difficult.  These are designed so the student can proceed at his pace to gain a complete understanding.

Problems are provided at the end of each lesson.  Same as above. If the student has a wrong answer he can review that part of the instruction. The student should complete all problems correctly before proceeding to the next Lesson.

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The eTAP web content  includes topics found in the States and National  Standards. See the Table of Contents on the left of the screen. eTAP’s development included pilot testing and evaluation of instructional material. The input from parents, teachers and students has been an essential part of eTAP’s development.



The Internet can apply technology to increase the productivity of education. Since the time of Socrates, location and student to teacher ratios have confined the traditional method of education. In most areas, modern society has seen great increase in productivity through, initially, the industrial revolution and now the high-tech innovations. Technology has allowed each individual, the benefits of increased production. The increase in our living standard was stalled until the computer and Internet allowed increased productivity and renewed the American dream of expanding economic benefits.

Our current education system has been essential in supporting and promoting the technical innovations. However, there is great concern over education’s current effectiveness. Many students are not learning what is necessary for them to participate in the knowledge economy. Education has become a critical requirement in the knowledge economy for employment with higher income.

The Internet and computer technology can provide an increase in the productivity of education. Our basic system of parent/teacher and student will remain. However, parents and teachers have a new teaching aid in the form of the technology of the computer and the Internet. The Internet provides easy access to instructional resources.

The following is a general description of the way eTAP has used technology to develop its curriculum instructional material.

A master teacher has prepared the course of instruction. Instructional materials includes text with voice-over, examples, exercises, self-testing and reinforcement. An editorial staff enhances the written material. The instructional material is then published and distributed on the Internet. Retired teachers, as well as new teachers, participate in the creation of the instructional materials. Other professionals in voice, graphics, animation, video, etc. contribute to the creation of the presentation that exceeds the limitation of an individual teacher. Often a parent/teacher is limited to one-hour preparation for a 6-hour class of instruction. For the Internet one-hour presentation there will be 6 or more hours of preparation by professional in each area.

The financial support for the creation phase will be provided by contribution of those in the Internet and high-tech business, philanthropic foundations, government etc. This can provide parents and their children with high quality Internet instruction at a minimum cost.


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Our staff includes master teachers with teaching certificates to create the instructional material. In addition, a staff of education editors, voice over, and computer experts are involved in completing the instructional presentation.

Blaise J. Subbiondo, P. E. President of eTAP, Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Manhattan College, NYC., Teaching Credential - UCLA. Licensed Building Contractor - Calif., Register Civil Engineer - Calif., Nevada and Arizona.  His education experience is broad and includes instruction, curriculum development, and administration. In addition, he has taught in the apprenticeship program and prepared a correspondence course of instruction. His business and civil engineering experience is extensive and related to all phases of real-estate development as owner builder including planning, construction, marketing and property management.

Leonard Valore, eTAP Senior Editor and Director of Education: MA in Secondary School Administration, B. A. in Psychology, CA Credential in Secondary Teaching and Administration, - Past Vice President of Education for National Education Corporation, Independent Study Division, Past Principal. Vice-Principle, Head Counselor, Head of Science Department, Math and Science Teacher in high school in four different secondary school districts in California.

Gideon L. Weinstein Ph.D. Mathematics Education, Indiana University, Contributed to tutorials in middle school mathematics.

Austin G. Keeping, Masters Degree in Education in Curriculum and Instruction. Department Head in Mathematics, St John Bosco School, St John’s, Newfoundland. Consultant for Mathematics instruction preparation.

Herman Brown, Engineer, initial eTAP web master, has placed more than 5,000 pages of content on eTAP website.

Gabor J. Toth, MS, CA teaching credentials K-12, English, Mathematics and Science. He has contributed to the preparation of high school Science and English plus elementary Mathematics. He is eTAP webmaster and has uploaded most of the content to eTAP website.

Kathy Harrie, BA, MA Curriculum and Instruction, CA & GA teaching credentials K-8, Language Arts/English & Science tutorial writer

Nancy J. Foster, BA
Stanford University. Writer, editor and award-winning creator of major national advertising campaigns and educational programs for radio and TV. CEO of The Write Stuff (New York, Santa Fe, and Blue Ridge, VA). Creative consultant-tutorial writer. She has contributed tutorials to  English and History.

Adel Arshaghi received B.S. in Mathematics and Chemistry from Lincoln Memorial University. MS in Mathematical Sciences from East Tennessee State University. He has taught mathematics in different institutions at all levels. His last teaching position was at Virginia Highlands College. He has authored, edited, reviewed, etc. for Prentice Hall, McGraw Hill, etc. He has provided tutorial for eTAP Geometry, Algebra I and II.

Cheryl Bliss, B. S. in Secondary Education, Valley Forge Christian College. Instructional Designer for McGraw-Hill New Media. Designed and wrote Social studies, English and Science for internet and CD-ROM products. Cheryl has contributed to eTAP English, History and Science.

Jaclyn Basgil, B. A., B. S.(Physics), College of New Jersey. She has taught Physics including Honors Physics at Santana High School, Santee Ca. She has prepared the instruction for High School Physics.

Lance Corey, M. S. Chemistry from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia. He has edited Science and Mathematics.

Timothy O’Sullivan, PH. D. Chemistry from New York University. He has edited Science.

Kate Simmons, Ph. D. Chemistry from Pennsylvania State University. She has written the tutorials for High School Chemistry.

Russell D. Poulet, B. A. in Secondary Education-Mathematics from Rhode Island College, He has contributed tutorials and questions to Mathematics.

Natalie Austin, M. S. Computer Education and Cognitive Systems from University of North Texas. She has edited tutorials and revised online content.

Theresa Terry, B.S. Biology Education, Ferris State University, Flint, Michigan has contributed tutorials to High School Biology.

Laurie Hart, MS
Biology, University of Memphis, Tennessee, has edited and contributed tutorials to High School Biology.


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Blaise J. Subbiondo, P.E., B.C.E, Manhattan College, Technical Teaching Credential, UCLA, CA, eTAP President

Corine Fitzpatrick, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Graduate Division of the School of Education at Manhattan College, Riverdale, NYC

Joseph L. Subbiondo, President, California Institute for Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA.

Jerry Collamer, BA, Art, National Advertising Agency Creative Director, Creative Marketing Consultant, National Television Commercial Producer/Director, Author 






e-TAP, Inc. , a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation


Evaluation of eTAP Website
by California Education Consultant

I reviewed the Website legacy.etap.org for quality of content and ease of navigation. I am pleased to report that eTAP is equal to or better than many of the best educational sites I have encountered or worked with.

I found the site to be very user-friendly and easier to navigate than most mainstream education sites. There are no banners, popups, or cluttering images. The registration process, required to access content, was simple and quick to complete.

Once inside the content area, I discovered that the strands of content were solid, focusing heavily on correlation to state standards. The actual content is written in a friendly, informal style, yet it lacks the “fluff” of many educational sites. It is clear that the focus of this site is on helping students master basic, state-required content, in order to prepare for standardized tests.

The content is written at a lower-grade vocabulary level to help students who are struggling in their regular studies. The student reads a page of instruction, and then s/he is presented with a Practice Exercise (quiz). At the end of the lesson, a Problem section tests the student on the entire lesson. In addition to instructional content, links are provided throughout the lesson for students, parents, and teachers to gain further instruction

Because of its strong content and associated, teacher-focused links, eTAP is an excellent resource for beginning teachers. Each lesson is correlated to CA state standards, which aids the teacher in focusing on specific required content. I highly recommend eTAP as a strong, promising resource for students, teachers, and parents. eTAP stands among the very best.

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e-TAP, Inc. , a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation

To: Blaise Subbiondo
From: Rhea Stewart
Date: March 3, 2003
RE: Review of eTAP.org Web Site and Content

I was pleased to be given the opportunity to review eTAP’s web site and assess the curriculum offerings. These points summarize my observations.

  1. Based on my experiences as a curriculum developer and a parent of students in a California school district, I found the alignment of instructional content to the California State Standards to be an important feature of eTAP content. California’s schools are becoming increasingly aware of the relationship between content alignment and increased student achievement. By aligning their content to California’s standards, eTAP facilitates easy integration of their curriculum into existing classroom instruction.

  2. eTAP makes their curriculum accessible to students who are learning English by offering content in Spanish. This is an important curriculum step to supporting English language learners, who form an increasing population in schools in California and across the United States.

  3. The use of audio to support instructional strategies offered in eTAP’s curriculum shows a strong use of effective instructional pedagogy, by supporting multiple learning styles.

  4. The instructional design strategy of eTAP’s lessons demonstrates attention to instruction, enrichment, practice, assessment, and an effective model of the use of technology.

  5. The breadth of content available in the core subject areas positions eTAP’s content to provide excellent subject coverage.

  6. The content offerings could be easily integrated into an existing curriculum to for an effective instructional model for all students.

  7. The Web site’s interface is clean and easy to navigate. Users are able to move seamlessly through all aspects of content, especially to be able to move from menus

Walter Burgin,  Executive Director


, "I did take your advice and looked at your site and found it well done. I read the first few lessons in mathematics, and they are what an old teacher of mine called "good stuff". I hope the continued development of the course goes well and you find the support you need."
Julie C. Gibson, Corporate Giving Specialist


  "… eTAP is clearly a worthwhile organization…We sincerely hope that you are able to obtain the necessary funds …for your program…."

Corine Fitzpatric, Ph.D, Graduate Division, School of Education

MANHATTAN COLLEGE, Riverdale, New York:

 " Project review: Idea is significant; sites have been developed for teachers and curriculum developers, but few if any have been developed for students themselves. Math site is explicit in language, which is important. The TIMMS study has noted that our children do not know the language of mathematics well, and our teachers do not know content…"


How do we contact eTAP?

Blaise Subbiondo at 949-497-2200

e-TAP Inc, 2260 Park Ave., Laguna Beach, Ca 92651 email bsubbiondo@cox.net  phone 949-497-2200

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Research Basis


CAHSEE "The most daunting hurdle for high school students is the CAHSEE. This is particularly true in a continuation high school. As the math and science teacher at Del Rey Continuation School in West Los Angeles I have found that the eTAP program is invaluable. The students can operate eTAP with a minimum of instruction and supervision. The eTAP program is thorough and quick with feedback. With this program I have increased my CAHSEE success rate from 15% first time pass to 35% first time pass”.
Bill Pray, Del Rey Continuation High School, Los Angeles


  1. Journal Perspectives on Psychological Science 12/19/06 by David Lubinski, In all these cases, however, the gifted kids identified by the researchers learned at rapid rates and needed their educational curriculum structured so it matched with their learning rates to avoid boredom and enhance their maximum development. http://www.livescience.com/humanbiology/061219_bright_minds.html 
  2. Drs. Pedro A. Noguera and Jean Yonemura Wing, authors of Unfinished Business: Closing the Racial Achievement Gap in Our Schools all children can achieve at high levels if provided with quality instruction. http://www.education-world.com/a_issues/chat/chat188.shtml 
  3. The Minds of Boys: Saving Our Sons from Falling Behind in School and Life,
    Gurian and co-author Kathy Stevens
    The whole brain system is different. Boys tend to be more kinesthetic, more hands-on, more spatial-mechanical….. and they don't think in words as much.
    Teachers also should introduce more movies, videos, or other forms of multi-media in the classroom. Change reading requirements: Allow more choices. Take notes and write papers using laptop computers.

  4. Remembering, Supporting, "the Forgotten Middle"
    The most important thing for any student is to be given rigorous curriculum (they can't learn what they are never given) and it says that the school system thinks they are "smart." http://www.education-world.com/a_issues/chat/chat165.shtml
  5. Using Different Styles to Help Weak Readers
    Children listen to the recording of a story, while following along in the text,

  6. Stopping Dropping Out!
    • Provide alternative programs. * Provide after-school and summer enhancement programs..
    • Increase family involvement in education..
    • Provide professional development for teachers who work with at-risk students.
    • Make schools receptive to students' different learning styles.
    • Utilize instructional technology. * Customize learning.
  7. Is Technology Just for Boys?
    We suggest introducing computing across the curriculum and developing a more dynamic view of technological fluency.
  8. Meet Bernie Dodge -- the Frank Lloyd Wright of Learning Environments!
    That evening I realized that this was a different way to teach -- and that I loved it! http://www.education-world.com/a_issues/chat/chat015.shtml
  9. How Can Teachers Develop Students' Motivation -- and Success?
    The same tests might not be so harmful if they were simply seen by educators and students as assessing students' skills at that point in time and as indicating what skills students need to work on in the future. In this case, the tests needn't dampen students' excitement about learning.

  10. Larry Magid: Keeping Kids Safe On-Line
  11. Why Johnny Can't Read: Schools Favor Girls.
    eTAP allows students to proceed at their own pace and provides more choice of instructions media for different learning styles.
  12. Toward A New Golden Age In American Education--How the Internet, the Law and Today's Students Are Revolutionizing Expectations
    National Education Technology Plan 2004 http://www.ed.gov/about.htmloffices/list/os/technology/plan/2004/index.html
  13. Technology Integration, Assessment, and No Child Left Behind
    John Bailey: The large message I want you to walk away with is that every education program found in No Child Left Behind is an opportunity for technology funding. Technology offers different solutions to help us accomplish very specific education goals. Whether it's Title I funds, Reading First, migrant education funds, teacher quality funds -- all of those different programs that, on the surface, don't look like education technology opportunities -- can be used to help fund technology tools, technology services, and even hardware and software, as long as they are aligned to the particular curriculum goals of those programs.

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